Projects to be funded (November 2015)

After examining the 10 eligible for selection projects -more specifically Albania (2 projects), Cyprus (1 project), Bulgaria (2 projects), Romania (2 projects), Serbia (2 projects), FYROM (1 project)- the General Assembly decided to finance the six ones listed below with the amount of €8,000 each. The projects to be funded are:

the daybrake by gentian koci, (albania)
"Human relations and their deep complexity have always fascinated me. The story relies on three characters, two women and a baby boy. Its pivot is the very fragile relation between the young and the old woman swinging between empathy and pragmatic aims. One of the most important challenges for me is to keep a subtle balance between two opposite aspects of their relationship: humanity and pure pragmatic interests. -Gentian Koci, director
Shakespeare as a street dog by Valery Yordanov, (Bulgaria)

Shakespeare as a street dog is the second project of Valeri Yordanov. Valeri is recognizable as one of the most popular Bulgarian actors in theater, cinema and TV. Since 2009 he has been directing in addition to his already successful acting career. His debut feature film "Sneakers" premiered at the Moscow International Film Festival in 2011 and won Special Jury mention as well as the Award for Best Feature of the Federation of “Russian Cinema Clubs”. The film was also in Competition at Karlovy Vary Film Festival and Mannheim International Film Festival in 2011. It won special jury award at the Golden Rose Film Festival in Bulgaria in 2011. It was an audience success in the country and was one of the 45 films selected for the European Academy Awards of 2012 and it was also elected as the Bulgarian Oscar entry for 2012.

Menopause by Tonia Mishiali, (Cyprus)

Menopause, which will be Mishiali’s feature debut, will be produced in 2016 on a four-week shooting schedule. The creative team is targeting the film for an adult female audience.

The film is about a woman on the verge of menopause trapped in a loveless marriage who finds a fantasy world of vindictive violence blurring into reality. The main character of the film is a housewife living in a patriarchal society whose best friend is enjoying life after the sudden death of her husband. She begins to fantasize of ways to get rid of her husband, while also looking for romantic tenderness outside her marriage, but is unable to go through with plans to leave her husband.

Sugar Kid by Igor Ivanov, (FYROM)

Sugar Kid is a film about Marko the Candy Man, who in order to make his beloved wife happy, creates a boy made of sugar. Sugar Kid inspires desire, and desire brings evil about, which must be destroyed.

Is this what you were born for? by Radu Jude, (Romania)

"Is This What You Were Born For?" is the new feature project of Radu Jude whose Aferim! won the Silver Bear at the 2015 Berlinale.

Domino Effect by Radoslav Pavkovic, (Serbia)

Domino Effect is a crime comedy which is set in New Belgrade’s high rise suburban residential district where a contract killer goes to the wrong address and kills the wrong man. The story intertwines parallel plots, addressing serious social issues in a fresh and funny way.


The aim of the fund is to encourage the development of collaborations between film professionals in the member-states of the SEE CINEMA NETWORK. The main goals are to promote and develop the national filmmaking industry of each participating country, to strengthen bilateral and multilateral co-operation among the Network members.


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