Call Me Shakespeare

When you are seventeen, you think you know everything; only later you realize, you don't want to and don't have to know. What happens to a boy of seventeen who has two great talents, theatre and fist-fighting, and has to decide, which of them should prevail in his life and help him save his friend.

  • Drama
2015 | Bulgaria | ' | Director: Valeri Yordanov


A married woman on the verge of menopause, suffocating in a loveless marriage with a man who shows no interest in her desires and needs, finds refuge in a fantasy world of vindictive violence. Soon, reality and fantasy blur.

  • Comedy
2016 | Cyprus, Greece | 90' | Director: Tonia Mishiali

Touch Me Not

TOUCH ME NOT is a film about intimacy, as a fundamental aspect of human experience. An exploration that questions our preconceived ideas about intimacy. A film on how human beings can reach intimacy in the most unexpected ways.

  • Drama
2016 | Romania | 100' | Director: Adina Pintilie

Lazarus - My brother Lazarus

An ambitious young coward is seduced into joining his brother-in-law’s criminal network. After witnessing a violent murder, he tries to leave this murky underworld, but first he has to summon the courage to confront the criminals with whom he so willingly allied himself. Getting out proves to be much, much harder than getting in.

  • Drama
2015 | Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia | 110' | Director: Svetozar Ristovski

Tirana Blue

Tirana, XXI-st century. A bomb explodes killing Profesor Guri. A young man was found dead on the other site of the city. Gangs are fighting for drug smuggling. The investigations are run by the dedicated Inspector Kurti.

2015 | Albania | ' | Director: Spartak Pecani

Sugar Kid

Marko the Candy Man, in order to make his beloved wife happy, creates a boy made of sugar. Sugar Kid inspires desire, and desire brings evil about, which must be destroyed. Sugar Kid becomes a hero…

  • Black Comedy, Documentary
2015 | Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia | 90' | Director: Igor Ivanov

Monument to Michael Jackson

In an attempt to save his dying hometown in Serbia and prevent the love of his life from leaving, daydreamer Marko decides to build a monument to Michael Jackson, who has just announced his "This Is It" come-back Tour. He mobilizes a group of local misfits to help him, but the town's mayor has his own plans and responds with a gang of racist thugs bent on shattering Marko's dream...

  • Black Comedy
2014 | Serbia | 100' | Director: Darko Lungulov

The Judgement

The story takes place nowadays, in a small and poor village in Bulgaria, which is located close to the border with Turkey and Greece. Mityo (45) lives with his son Vasko (18). The relations between the two of them are strained after the recent death of Fanka – Mityo’s wife and mother of Vasko.

  • Drama
2014 | Bulgaria | 115' | Director: Stephan Komandarev


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